What Sets Us Apart


A Family Atmosphere

When we asked our staff and patients this question, the responses ranged from funny to humbling. Some examples were “I love the radio station you play” and “I always felt loved when I came in.” At Pickering & Allen Orthodontics our ultimate goal is to provide the best care and service to our patients, while having fun and making them feel like family. We strive to ensure that our patients finish their journey with a beautiful smile on their face and even more beautiful smile in their heart.

State Of The Art Technology

Another way we stand out from other offices is how we stay up to date with our equipment, technology, and especially our education. At Pickering & Allen Orthodontics, we are proud to offer:

Delivering Exceptional Results

We are complimented when we hear a patient say, “My cheer coach said she wanted the whole team to have a smile like mine!!!” or a dentist says, “Thank you for providing me a patient with a great bite. It makes my work easier.”

If you would like us to help with your family’s orthodontic needs, please call for an appointment. We offer a free consultation and look forward to visiting with you.