Knoxville's Premier Orthodontists Dr. Jim Pickering & Dr. Tyler Allen

Dr. Jim Pickering & Dr. Tyler Allen


Your Knoxville Home for Orthodontics

Knoxville’s premier provider of smiles is Pickering & Allen Orthodontics. Dr. Jim Pickering and Dr. Tyler Allen can give you the gift of smiling with confidence without self-consciousness or embarrassment. One can have the kind of smile that opens doors socially and professionally for the rest of your life. Another great benefit is an improved bite that leads to better dental health.

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile. We treat children, teens, and adults of EVERY age. Schedule a FREE consultation (865.687.9412) at our North Knoxville or West Knoxville, Tennessee locations. Meet our team and discover how Pickering & Allen Orthodontics will listen to your desires and questions. We can provide you with a beautiful, brand-new, healthy smile!