Braces aren’t just for kids. Adults are never too old for orthodontic treatment; whether you’re 7 years old or 70, you can reap the benefits of straight teeth or a corrected bite. Our Damon Clear brackets have numerous advantages over traditional braces, making them an excellent choice to meet the needs and lifestyles of adults and teens alike. Everyone wants an attractive smile, but the thought of having a mouthful of metal braces can sound intimidating. Damon Clear braces take the advancements of our original Damon braces and add the convenience of discreet treatment.

Same Results, Efficieny, and Comfort

Damon Clear offers the same quality that patients have come to love in our original Damon Braces. Using the Damon System, Damon Clear combines tieless braces with high-tech archwires that help our patients achieve their best smile.

Virtually Invisible

With Damon Clear Braces, people may not even realize you have braces. Other “invisible” or clear braces still have visible metal or elastic ties that will yellow over time whereas the Damon Clears are discrete and resistant to staining throughout the patients treatment.